Your Diamond Purchase Process

We understand that conducting business online is fraught with perils for both buyers and sellers. In order to protect both ourselves and our customers, we utilize as the third-party for all our transactions.

This third-party assures that the buyer and seller are happy with the transaction before funds are released. In short, adds trust to the transaction.

The cost of adding this necessary, third-party service to each of our transactions is never more than 6.3% and will often be much lower. For more information, please refer to's Escrow Fees and Calculation page.

Your diamond purchase would progress as follows:

  1. You chose your ideal diamond from our inventory of certified stones.
  2. We both agree to the terms of the sale, which includes a copy of the certificate of your selected diamond, the sale price, your buyer inspection period and any shipping details.
  3. You pay
  4. We ship you the diamond.
  5. You receive the diamond and then inspect it.
  6. If you accept the diamond after inspection, pays Hardcarbon.

It's that simple!