About Hardcarbon

We have many years of experience as jewelers and ten years in diamond sales. Customers who purchase their loose stones from us are also welcome to use us as a reference when selecting the mounting from their local jewelers.

We offer investment quality diamonds to the public on a larger, more direct scale. The stones that we distribute are all certified to guarantee the quality of color, cut, and clarity to our customers. The majority of these certifications are GIA (Gemological Institute of America), although a small minority of the stones you may inquire about may be certified by other gem laboratories. Since some other gemological institutes are less reputable, we personally screen each stone to ensure the accuracy of the certification.

We receive our gems directly from DeBeers sight holders rather than middlemen, cutting factories, or distributors in Israel, Antwerp or New York. We do this in order to cut our costs and keep our prices as low as we can.

One time selection is our goal so that multiple stones will not be needed for you to select the perfect gem. We recommend shopping at your local retailers to get an idea of the exact stone that you wish to purchase--you can never look too much.